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Scissor Crafts

Scissorcraft is a collection of images personally illustrated by your's truely. I began this web site endeavor back in 2000 as a way to provide color book fun when my grand children visited to both entertain and educate. The site has gradually expanded in size to about 40 thousand images. I tend to get a bit prolific when the artistic bug bites.

Entertainment for Children and Adults

Scissorcraft color book crafts are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, young and old who wish to bypass the pervasive messaging of committee determined appropriateness. Scissorcraft has a great collection of educational holiday and patriotic images, puzzles and crafts guaranteed to entertain young and old. I constantly revisit these images to update and refresh or replace the old and funky.


If you've never thought of paper snowflakes as important or relevant, get ready to have your mind blown. These aren't your old grandfather's simple fold and cut from a napkin snow crystal pretties. Kids and adults color books & crafts, this web site is a virtual encyclopedia of crystal patterns ranging from simple one or two cut designs for total beginners to creations that are virtually impossible to apply scissors or knives to craft.


Scissorcraft's Snowflake Parade:

Scissorcraft is filled with easy, creative, basic crafts to appeal primarily to children, but also valued by crafty people skilled in the arts of needlepoint, embroidery and quilting. Color book masks can be used to create elaborate kids costumes for Christmas events or school or church plays and festivities. Many images are perfect as patterns for scroll saw wood work as well as glass etching, silk screen and stenciling.

As a self-taught artist, I believe creativity is a form of meditation. When one is thoroughly engrossed in an art project theme, the problems of the world seem to melt away, at least temporarily. The best part about hands-on artistic meditation, (as opposed to electronic games and gadgets) is, no matter what the media, whether crayons, water colors, clay or paper mache, there is always the personal satisfaction of havinng something physical to hold, admire, sell or give as a gift to a loved one or friend when the project is done. Where is the sense of accomplishment or pride in a mindless electronic app? Physical, artistic endeavors provide feelings of accomplishment and pride over creating something new and unique from the heart and soul which may be treasured by future generations.

All Seasons - Any Reasons

Mind Mapping is Fun

compare apples and oranges mindmapping exercises

Thankfully my parents always provided arts & craft raw materials, crayons, paper, paint, scissors a plethora of raw products, scrap wood, butcher paper and such perfect for building forts and bird houses or for no other purpose than the enjoyment of hammering a nail or sawing a piece of scrap wood...all by myself.

No thanks to technology and mass production, PC committee approved toys for children these days provide little educational value. Assembly line toys identically stamped of plastic, produced enmass by the millions often play themselves with little to no imput by the child. Age and ultra safe labels chuckold children into pre-determined age and sex appropriateness which pretend to stretch the limits of the imagination but in reality stifle imagination through restrictions....and don't even get me started on toys that talk sing or play themselves, but for some it seems easier to pad children in pillows of safety than teach in favor of erasible surfaces and washable inks and crayons which allow easy deletion of those once treasured childhood masterpieces. (rant)

I do custom work. If you are in need of free illustrations for a particular theme, contact me. I am open for all suggestions and challenges to add value for all members of Scissorcraft.


Perfect printable color book craft activities for kindergarten, preschool, and elementary school projects . Perfect for busy teachers, caregivers, moms and dads.

ScissorCraft provides tools to critical thought with mind mapping activities. Child craft images may be used by parents, teachers, care givers and hobbyists for personal and non-profit embroidery, crochet, woodworking and art projects such as masks and kids costumes.


Memberships Greatly Appreciated

PLEASE:  Membership.  For the miniscule cost of $1 per month members have access to the sum total of my life's work.  I rely upon income generated from my work and request members resist the temptation of electronically sharing or posting in blogs and image sharing sites. Many of these child craft images are from my own personal collection of doodles and sketches I have made over the past 40 years of boring office board meetings, that I wanted to share so they could be put to good use instead of hiding in my boxes of stored papers and other stuff I've carted around all these years.

mustach dagger skullmask1200

Projects include snowflake and valentine patterns and templates suitable for virtually any craft adventure. You'll enjoy a large collection of African tribal color book masks along with mardi Gras carnival, Kabuki Theater and laugh and Cry masks. Animals of every shape and size to print and color and tons of puzzles and patterns.

Variety of Topics
Virtually every graphic in the Scissorcraft family of web sites is illustrated by the author of Scissorcraft and available in simple, easy to understand, black and white format. I believe all children, regardless of age, skill level, or ability, should have access to creative outlets while they gain exposure to the basic principles of mathematics, history and culture. To this end I have researched many subjects and illustrated quite a few interesting topics to give visitors a wide range of images from which to choose.

Year Round Scissor Activities

kokeshi message dolls - cat in kimono

In addition to the categorized list of crafts listed above, ScissorCrafts has many web sites that encompass several seasons or even all seasons.

For instance, while Paper Valentines site is primarily focused on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, most images can be used for Mother's and Father's Day or any event where a sweet sentiment is warranted such as a note to a grand parent or other dear relative. In addition, Paper Eggs web site is primarily focused on Easter but our Russian Fabregé eggs images can be used for educating children about Russian history.

Printable games, puzzles and mazes are fun any time of the year. Going on a trip with kids? Print off a stack of games and puzzles and bring along the pencils and crayons to keep the little munchkins entertained.

  • Beat the summer heat with printable paper craft activities sure to please. You'll never leave the young ones out of the fun with color book printables. Great printouts to bring along for camp trips, car jaunts and events where children will need to be entertained.
  • Rev it up for trick or treat night with both pumpkin stencil designs for pumpkins and gourds carving and coloring book images. Most printable carving templates in Paper Pumpkins web site (below) are super easy and beginners to learn how to carve pumpkins and gourds, with proper supervision.
  • You'll never leave the young ones out of the fun with color book Halloween and fall season images. Check out the gingerbread house games and cookie recipes and patterns as we slide into traditional winter festivities.tornado cartoon
  • Scissorcraft's Day of the Dead printable images are scattered about over many web sites. For instance, Paper Kokeshi Dolls has a section of pumpkin dolls that is quite unique and interesting.
  • Paper Valentines for Children is ready for you with hundreds of Valentine’s Day folding patterns perfect for children of all ages.
  • Celebrate the welcoming warmth of spring birth and regrowth with printable paper Easter egg patterns, paper Saint Valentine’s Day designs, pretty, paper butterflies and Hawaiian snowflake quilt patterns, and who can overlook those pesky crop circles that mysteriously appear in the wide open fields of grain?
  • Oversized, historical paper cross patterns and chrismon designs are perfect for creating both winter Christmas tree and holiday decorations and Easter religious events and celebrations, or any seasonal faith-oriented event.
  • You'll never leave the young ones out of the fun with color book printable images.