3D Holiday Craft Paper Dolls and Ornaments Children can Make

Bells, Dolls and Fanfold Pat's 3-D Paper Ornaments TM

These little 3-D fanfold ornaments came to mind one day while I was experimenting with different ways to make folding snowflakes. These patterns are similar to the simple doll chains children cut out with scissors and paper.

Print these ornament sets on regular paper using landscape setting for most patterns. Use markers or crayons to color and hole punch to make the hole for the hanger. To hang, use an ornament hanger, a paperclip, yarn or string.

For the fanfold designs, first, color the whole page with multiple or solid colors. Fold the paper along the dotted lines. Cut out the designs along the solid lines.

Attach the ends together with staples, tape or glue. Thread string, yarn or ornament hanger through the hole. If you are happy with the results, coat the ornament (outside) with spray fixative to preserve.

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