Paper and Scissor Crafts for Children of All Ages

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ScissorCrafts - Paper & Scissor Crafts

Scissorcraft.com is a collection of craft web sites containing images I've illustrated nearly my entire life. 

The same logon and pass code to scissorcraft.com gives you access to all seventeen Scissorcraft websites listed on the pull-down menus.  

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As a self-taught artist I believe that creativity is a form of meditation. Whenever I illustrate, sculpt, paint or work on a research project to create a new theme, time has no meaning and life issues seem to melt right away.


Many of these images are from my own personal collection of doodles and sketches I've created through the years, reflections during boring office meetings or doodles while waiting on hold and listening to monsterous on-hold music. I love to draw simple art works sketches for future use. And, I save everything because I can't bear to lose the tiniest doodle. They become like little spirits with lives of their own begging to grow.


  • Perfect color book craft activities K-12.
  • Perfect for busy teachers, care givers, moms and dads.
  • Paper Gift wrap. Print your own unique gift wrap paper or select a repeating background for the PC/Laptop/device.

Educational and Fun

Scissorcraft began when the grandchildren arrived. One of my favorite images is the cookie dough pattern printable for a Gingerbread House design I drew in 1980's. My kids took a gingerbread house, made from this pattern, to their teachers every year for about 5 years. At one parent teacher meeting I was informed that when teachers received their student lists each year our gingerbread houses were always discussed.

Adult Coloring

Scissorcraft proves useful to day care providers, senior activities, classroom teachers, parents, guardians and college students. Adult color book activities help to relax after a stressful day. Images constantly added and updated to refresh or replace the old and funky.

Creative Outlet

stellar dendrite paper snowflake patternScissorcraft has been my creative outlet since 1999. Since then I've discovered, while I illustrate with children in mind, my images are simple, uncomplicated, Scissorcraft has become a gold mine for day care providers, senior activities, classroom teachers, parents, guardians and even university college students. When I'm entertaining children or attending a holiday function with children, I print off a selection of my own images along with a box of crayons and bring with me to the festivities.

Make Holiday Memories

Sometimes I can interrupt their little attention spans as they zone in and out of virtuality, away from TV, electronic games and gadgets), long enough to show them how to entertain themselves and creative something special for Mom, Grandma, Dad... Sometimes Mom, Grandma, Dad...join in the fun.

The best part about hands-on creative meditation, no matter what the media, Crayons, water colors, clay or paper mache, there is the satisfaction of having created something real, physical to hold, admire, sell or give as a gift to a loved one or friend.

Scissorcraft contains no advertising interruptioms, no popups or inappropriate content surprises and may be safely used in classrooms with youngsters.

Printable images, puzzles and crafts suitable for a wide variety of paper craft projects including:

  • Paper ornaments for decorating trees, windows, office cubicles
  • Wall hanging patterns for embroidery, latch-hook rugs
  • Doll patterns for the creative stitchery artist
  • Glass etching
  • Scroll saw wood working patterns
  • Educational symmetry projects
  • Soft ornament patterns for felt or foam sheets
  • Patterns for clay projects
  • Valentines galore
  • Blizzards of snowflake patterns
  • Totem pole craft
  • Tons of artistic, historic and fun mask patterns
  • Patriotic themes
  • Patterns useful for many craft applications needlepoint, quilting, making molds...

A low cost, yearly subscription membersip, is perfect for schools, Sunday Schools, Day Care facilities, classroom display. 


Scissorcraft's Winter Snowflake Parade:

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If you've never thought of paper snowflakes as important or relevant, get ready to have your mind blown. These aren't your old grandfather's simple fold and cut from a napkin snow crystal pretties. Kids and adults color books & crafts, this web site is a virtual encyclopedia of crystal patterns ranging from simple one or two cut designs for total beginners to creations that are virtually impossible to apply scissors or knives to craft.


All Seasons - Any Reasons


Projects include snowflake and valentine patterns and templates suitable for virtually any craft adventure. Children, regardless of age, skill

 level, or ability, should have access to creative outlets while they gain exposure to the basic principles of mathematics, history and culture. To this end I have researched many subjects and illustrated quite a few interesting topics to give visitors a wide range of images from which to choose. All websites connected to scissorcraft are available in the navigation menu bar above.