Easy Family Tree Chart

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Easiest Family Tree Chart

Does your child know where they are in the family structure? This easy to understand, family tree diagram can help you catalog the family structure. Your child will love learning about their genealogical history.

Print the charts as large as possible on heavy-duty paper. Cut out the extra people shapes then paste them in the appropriate places in the family hierarchy.
Label the people shapes " Mother, Father, sister, brother" etc., then add color coded, self-adhesive stickers such as stars, hearts and other shapes to designate status in the family.

Decorate the ancestry diagram with markers or Crayons for an extremely rewarding and educational project for children. Give them a memory they will treasure for a lifetime.

Teach Children Family Genealogy

How to use these family tree charts to Track Your Family Tree.

I have included an adopted family tree  as suggestion for arranging a family tree chart when children are adopted and/or the family has in-laws, ex-laws and out-laws in the clan.
Family tree charts are great tools for helping children visualize the family structure which may provide comfort by giving children structure and comfort about familial connections.

Topics of discussion might include question and answer story starters such as:

  • The biggest troublemaker in our family was...
  • The most famous family member was...
  • You were named "xyz" after..
  • Who was the best baby...
  • Who was the crankiest baby...
  • The name of my favorite pet was...
  • The best present I ever received was...
  • I wanted to be a ____ when I grew up
  • The price of a candy bar when I was a kid was
  • Who was president when you were born?


Easiest Genealogy Template in the World

NOTE: It is very important to print all images exactly the same size. That way you can be certain that all the extra people shapes will be the same size as the people shapes on the tree chart.

These images are extremely large, width= 2000px height= 1500px. Click on the image to view in large form without page formatting.

Another good family oriented project for grandparents and other interested relatives is the to write up a Mother's Checklist to document qualities and personality a perfect Mother's Day or Valentine's Day gift for Mom. Write a letter of love to Mother.

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