Flowers Color Book Blossoms

flowers daisiesThese little blossoms are a mish-mash of flowers I've drawn for no good reason over the years mixed in with abstract kaleidoscope flowery images created in my art program.

I think these would make excellent sun catcher type ornaments or window decorations. Trace onto cloth or foam sheets to make soft novelty bauble to hang on the holiday Christmas tree.

Color the flowers with crayons or markers. Color these flower shaped ornaments. Make flower shaped coasters or flower shaped decorations.

Embroider or crochet the design onto pillow cases and hankerchiefs. Print, cut out the flowers with scissors, color, and decorate with crayons, markers, paper, beads, fabric, glue, paint, glitter, ribbon, yarn, tape, cotton balls, feathers.

Flowers Color Book Images

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