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Edible Theme Masks for Kids

donut on wheelsIn my lifelong quest toward ultimate silliness, these fun masks came to mind. I think I have always sought out comedy for a good belly laugh much like a Buddhist might seek Nirvana...which is probably not a fair analogy, but it sure sounds funny. You are what you eat, personified, just what the world needs right now, (probably not). Wearing food seems to be right up there in the list of of social taboo and down-right foolishness, so this topic is a natural.

I'm always thinking up new categories for image printables in Scissorcraft, so after I illustrated a line of food images, it was a snap to make some pretty hysterical face-masks for color book masks web site.

of course, as with all silliness, there is an educational or serious side, which could be applied to these facemasks. These illustrations could help teach children about food groups and nutritional values (or lack thereof) for different food choices.

Children can incorporate these edible masks and write plays or stories. Make paper costumes to go with the masks. One of these future days, when I get time I'll make more foodie masks but in the meantime you can always check scissorcraft's food images for more potential ideas.

Color Book Wear Your Food Masks