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celebrate lifeNow and then I get a silly thought and an urge to illustrate a funny cartoon. I'm no trained cartoonist, but certainly some of these silly ideas might garner a chuckle or two. A couple of them actually made it into the college newspaper many decades ago when I was a budding young student. The cartoon of a vision impaired man with a cane came about during volunteer work making visual props for meetings.

I illustrated the cartoon of the woman holding the door closed against a gang of school's out kids for day care centers everywhere. Some days are just like that.

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Folk and Peasant Art Images

chopping wood with axe People create art for all sorts of reasons; to decorate their homes, work places, churches and places of worship and to adorn their bodies with attractive and functional clothing, jewelry for fashion and cultural identification.

In most cultures women have traditionally woven, knitted and sewn or embroidered decorative clothing such as bonnets, shawls, skirts and dresses, waistcoats, trowsers, shirts and blouses and the like for their families.

Color Book Peasant Art

Visit cultural celebrations and events such as ethnic dance festivals, Chinese festivals, Cinco de Mayo or Japanese New Year, for instance, to view historic period and cultural folk costumes.

Designs, colors and styles of peasant art in clothing can vary greatly from one culture to the next. Many times this difference was intentional to establish or identify with ethnic, cultural or religious affiliation.