Shoes and Slippers

Shoes, Boots, Pumps and Slippers

moccasin shoe

Once I completed my marathon of hat illustrating, I started in on other clothing items, including shoes, slippers and boots.

Flip-flops seem to be natural subjects for cute little holiday Christmas ornaments, so I went completely overboard and the result is what you see below.

These shoe printable's could make some pretty cute holiday ornaments. Color and decorate with Crayola Crayons or Magic Markers. Wipe one side of the paper with lemon oil to make the paper appear translucent like a stained glass window.

Make a theme Christmas tree, select the cowboy boot below, and print some cowboy hats in the hat section and then check out the western-styled ties in the men's tie section.

Make a La La Land (California) tree with colorful flip flop sandles. Trace onto multiple-colored foam sheets or cloth pieces to make soft sided ornaments and decorations.

Holiday Shoes and Slippers

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