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Paper and Scissor Crafts for Children of All Ages

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ScissorCrafts - Paper & Scissor Crafts

Scissorcrafts arts and child crafts provide hours of entertainment to inspire kids and build motor skills while they explore and embrace artistic creativity.

Set your imagination free with kid-friendly, educational collection of personally illustrated craft and color book images suitable for all ages and skill levels.

  • Perfect printable color book craft activities for kindergarten, preschool, and elementary school projects .
  • Perfect for busy teachers, care givers, Moms and Dads.
  • Large selection of fun and easy craft ideas for children of all ages
  • Something for everyone, fun, easy, and enjoyable!
  • Make use of household items on-hand

Educational and Fun

Scissorcraft images are perfect for:

  • Day care,
  • Pre-school,
  • Elementary school,
  • Middle school,
  • Home school,
  • High school,
  • Senior activities,
  • Classroom teachers,
  • Parents, guardians,
  • College students
  • Rainy indoor afternoons

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Whether K-12 or adult, color book activities can help you to relax after a stressful day and get those creative juices going and flowing! . Images added and updated frequently.

Large collections of creative color book masks and cut outs for all holiday seasons. Great for special dress-up events, school or church plays and festivities.

Printable images, puzzles and crafts suitable for a wide variety of paper craft projects including:

  • Paper ornaments for decorating trees, windows, office cubicles
  • Wall hanging patterns for embroidery, latch-hook rugs
  • Doll patterns for the creative stitchery artist
  • Glass etching
  • Scroll saw wood working patterns
  • Educational symmetry projects
  • Soft ornament patterns for felt or foam sheets
  • Patterns for clay projects
  • Valentines galore
  • Blizzards of snowflake patterns
  • Totem pole craft
  • Tons of artistic, historic and fun mask patterns
  • Patriotic themes
  • Patterns useful for many craft applications needlepoint, quilting, making molds...

As a self-taught artist, I believe creativity is a form of meditation. When one is thoroughly engrossed in an art project theme, the problems of the world seem to melt away. No matter the media, Crayons, water colors, clay or paper mache, physical, artistic endeavors provide feelings of accomplishment and pride. Create something new and unique from the heart and soul which may be treasured by future generations.

butterfly loveAll Seasons - Any Reasons

A word to parents: always provide supervised access of arts & craft raw materials, crayons, paper, paint, scissors and raw products to your children. Cut a snowflake, build a collage, make a chinese lantern, design a halloween mask. All children, regardless of age, skill level, or ability, should have access to creative outlets while they gain exposure to the basic principles of mathematics, history and culture. Scissorcraft offers many subjects and topics to give visitors a wide range of images from which to choose.

Variety of Topics


Projects include snowflake and valentine patterns and templates suitable for virtually any craft adventure. You'll enjoy a large collection of African tribal color book masks along with Mardi Gras carnival, Kabuki Theater and laugh and Cry masks. Animals of every shape and size to print and color and tons of puzzles and patterns.

Virtually every graphic is available in simple, easy to understand, black and white format.

Year Round Scissor Activities

Bring crayons and markers to events where children attend. Printable games, puzzles and mazes are fun any time of the year. Going on a trip with kids? Print off a stack of games and puzzles and bring along the pencils and crayons to keep the little munchkins entertained.