Paper and Scissor Crafts for Children of All Ages

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ScissorCraft is

  • A microscopic blip in the Internet matrix where people can explore and embrace their artistic creativity
  • The getaway after a stressful day to recharge creative juices
  • A form of mindful meditation

Welcome to My World

I have no idea about anyone else but that's what I get out of this endeavor. Many things interest me, I can't explain, but sometimes the right question or a titilating titbit of trivia can send me into a tizzy of exploration. It helps when I envision an inner child that I can entertain and explain to as I learn. Like it or not, you are that child.

Scissor Crafts are Cathartic

It's been proven somewhere by some ancient sage down the ages that creativity is a form of meditation. It's a given.

No matter the media, Crayons, water colors, clay or paper mache, physical, artistic endeavors provide feelings of accomplishment and pride. Create something new and unique from the heart and soul which may be treasured by future generations.

Set your imagination free with kid-friendly, educational collection of personally illustrated craft and color book images suitable for all ages and skill levels.


  • Perfect printable color book craft activities for kindergarten, preschool, and elementary school projects
  • Perfect for busy teachers, care givers, Moms and Dads
  • Large selection of fun and easy craft ideas for children of all ages
  • Something for everyone, fun, easy, and enjoyable!
  • Make use of household items on-hand

Easy, Educational and Fun

Scissorcraft images are designed for:

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  • Day care,
  • Pre-school,
  • Elementary school,



  • Middle school,
  • Home school,
  • High school,
  • Senior activities,
  • Classroom teachers,
  • Parents, guardians,
  • College students
  • Rainy indoor afternoons

Scissorcraft expenses always exceed income these past years. Membership is low, maybe it's because I don't advertise, maybe people are too busy or more involved with electronic devices. I found the art of chasing advertising algorythems and tweaking for search result placement was such a waste of good money, not to mention a boringly, endless ratrace. I'd rather not draw to attract a bunch of robots, scammers and spam...wouldn't you? So, to simplify my life, it's word of mouth dependency for Scissorcraft.

The Greatest Compliment

Refer scissorcraft. Support Scissorcraft. Give a gift of lifetime membership to Scissorcrafts, only 15 bucks, one time never expire!

The greatest compliment you can give, besides writing flowery prose to thank me for all the tireless work I've put into Scissorcrafs,...is to purchase a gift membership for someone who could appreciate access to a comprehensive collection of personally illustrated artwork and excellent craft images.

Year Round Scissor Activities

Bring crayons and markers to events where children attend. Printable games, puzzles and mazes are fun any time of the year. Going on a trip with kids? Print off a stack of games and puzzles and bring along the pencils and crayons to keep the little munchkins entertained.