Weird and Scary Space Aliens

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Creepy Outer Space Alien Invaders Jack O´ Lanterns

alien grey faceDo outer space aliens exist? No one really knows for sure but that doesn't stop people from looking to the stars at night for signs of life somewhere out there. You need not look any farther than here, however, for creepy alien creatures. These stencil templates will help you create dozens of denizen triple eyed monsters and fang tooth freaks.

Spooky, deep space Jack O-Lantern Halloween fright night stencil templates and pumpkin carving patterns for wild and crazy carving conviviality. Line the walkways to your all Hallows' Eve party. Enjoy trick or treat night with the walking dead. Make awesome alien totem pole scarecrow statues with pumpkins or gourds to ward away demonic night visitors.

With the proper carving tools, these easy Halloween space alien images are a snap for children and beginners to master. In almost no time at all you'll be busy frightening your friends, terrifying classmates and sending screaming coworkers away these spooky space alien stencil images.
Create scary Halloween Trick or Treat party decorating ornaments for an especially horrifying fright night celebration.