Wild Life Animals Color Book

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Critters Ornamental Animal Decorations

Welcome to my little zoo menagerie with coloring creatures who are ready for exhibition. From farm animals and fishes and critters of the sea to dragons and griffins and other serpent monsters. Let the children help decorate for the holiday season with these educational animal color book ornament craft printable images. Decorate your Christmas tree, office cubicle and window panes with pretty paper hanging ornaments.

Many years ago I illustrated a leaflet type book full of recipes recipients could make with government issued food rations. I got a bit silly and put a few food-humor cartoons in the publication. You might run across a few of them which reveal my quirky sense of humor.

Ornamental Animal Decorations Images

Most of these animal images are new but some are 40 plus years old. At one point in my youth I dreamed of becoming an artist/illustrator and write children's books. That dream never happened, but I hung onto the images anyway. Once I developed the skills to create internet pages these images have been put to good use. Do not know if anyone has a need to color a picture of an hippo in a bath tub or a grumpy pig being flirted with by a sweet and loving pig, or a gorilla eating a cookie...but there you are. Enjoy.

The grand children and I have had many years of fun and good memories making foam decorations for the holidays with these background images, which make fantastic home printed gift wrap.