Raptors Birds of Prey

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Birds of Prey

Eagles, Owls and Hawks

Raptors, or birds of prey, hunt and feed on small animals and birds such as rats, mice and sparrows. Diurnal birds of prey fly and hunt during during daylight hours.
The daylight birds include:

  • hawks
  • eagles
  • buzzards
  • harriers
  • kites
  • Old World vultures
  • osprey
  • secretary bird
  • falcons
  • caracaras
  • New World vultures

Nocturnal birds of prey live and hunt at dusk and during the night

  • typical owls
  • barn
  • bay owls

The term "bird of prey" applies to birds that hunt and feed on animals and birds.  Predator birds have very good eyesight for finding food, strong feet with sharp talons for holding food, and strong curved beaks for tearing flesh.