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This site isn't a blog, mainly because I don't know how to manage a blog and don't let it bother me because I wouldn't post much anyway.  I like to think of it as more like the grown-up section for my children's websites. yatzeeicon This is the place where I put stuff I like to print for myself. 

  • Triple Yahtzee score cards - oversized so I don't need to wear glasses when I play
  • Weight Loss tracking forms - Keep track of dieting and weight loss
  • Workout Tracking forms - Track your muscle-building workouts


The collection of images in "Scissorcraft for Children" started out small and has grown into a huge personal collection over the past 16 years. I believe all children, regardless of age, skill level, or ability, should have access to creative outlets while they gain exposure to the basic principles of mathematics, history and culture. To this end I have researched many subjects and illustrated quite a few interesting subjects to give visitors a wide range of images from which to choose.


Your's Truly at Age One

Pat Kelley age one

My craft patterns and activities are perfect for schools and other educational institutions. Young or old, scissor craft images are designed to educate, instill questions, encourage further investigation of topics and to entertain.

My love of art, illustration and learning encourages and inspires me to share with others. I never know when a new topic or idea will pop into my creative brain.

Simplicity is best. I like to keep my images fairly simple, basic so children and other ages may feel free to embellish and not simple color in the lines.  Educational colleges and universities frequent scissorcraft as often as the k-12, home school, churches, etc...  Images are generally suitable for craft projects, wood working, embroidery and other commonly used crafts such as making felt or foam ornaments, latch-hook rugs and so on. I try to cover a wide range of topics and am constantly battling the urge to draw again!

Scissorcraft membership site contains about 40,000 personally illustrated images of which I constantly update to improve quality as well as quantity.

Images available in simple, easy to understand, grey and white format as well as large colorful versions to use as backgrounds in photo frames.