Color Book Danainae Butterfly Images

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danainae idea leuconoe paper kite1200Danainae Butterflies

The Danainae, Milkweed Lepidoptera family of butter flies include the well-known Monarch butterfly.

Monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles each year to migrate, as a result the monarch butterfly has evolved to an impressively large size.

Most of the 300 species of Danainae are found in tropical Asia and Africa, however, only four species thrive in North America.

The Milkweed butterflies (Monarch, Queen, Soldier) eat only milkweeds (Asclepias) as larvae and the adult butterflies retain poisonous glycosides so they become distasteful to potential predators.

Danainae have three tribes:

  • Danaini
  • Tellervini
  • Ithomiini