Clueless Clutzes Addle-Brained and Flummoxed Expressions

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Misunderstood Demons of the Night

confused and puzzle4d expressionBaffled and bewildered is the name of the game for these loathsome losers. Whatever "it" is they will have no clue because their brains have turned to pumpkin seeds and mush. No matter how many candles you place in these lanterns no self-respecting ghoul spirit wandering about for a float on All Hallows Eve will be caught coming back from the dead to reside in one of these hollowed out saint's day receptacles.

Be sure to include these baffled bogies to the party decorations in clueless consideration for the confused spirits who will fly around aimlessly in the cold, dark Halloween air looking for spirit vessels to hold them while the walking dead roam the streets.

Your party guests will go bats in the belfry over table settings or hanging decorations made with these creepy, glass-eyed, space-cadets watching over the festivities.