three quarter circles lotus flower in circle1200Cosmic Patterns

These geometrical shapes have been used in combination to create intricate and gigantic crop circle designs in farmer's fields of grain all over the world for many years.

The earliest crop circle appeared about 2,000 years ago according to Bob Kingsley, founder of The Circular, the official magazine of the Crop Circle Connector (CCCS). Other mentions include historic sightings in the 1600's but most crop circle sightings seem to have taken place since the 1940's to the present.

Paper Crop Circle for Children's colorful graphics are useful for teaching mathematical concepts to young children in an entertaining fashion.

Use these images as guides for creating child-sized crop circle in more desirable places than farmers fields, such as playgrounds, drive ways, asphalt surfaces and sandy beaches.

Cosmic Shapes Color Book Circles

The lines of these images are pre-colored to help children visualize the different shapes by color and see how the shapes combined create entirely new shapes.

One square combined with 4 triangles will result in one larger square, for instance. Children can experiment by taking various shapes and overlay them with circles, squares and other geometric shapes.