Angelic Valentines

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little angel and fishes balloon1200Cupids Angels Cherubs & Nymphs

Print and color these Valentine cupid color book craft activity images to decorate your Valentine cards. In Roman mythology Cupid, God of Love is the son of Roman mythological goddess Venus and god Mercury. In modern society Cupid is associated with Valentine's day and usually depicted shooting his bow with arrows of love.

Cupid is often portrayed as a winged babies or young boys armed with bows and arrows. 

Make festive Valentine hanging ornaments to decorate the house, classroom or office cubicle. Kids, send your mom or dad off to work with sweet sentiments in their lunch bag or briefcase.

Recipients of these hand-colored Valentines will appreciate seeing their children or grand children's youthful writings, photographs and expressions of love, well wishes and thanks.

Cupid's Arrow