Research Links for Genealogy to Create Family Trees

How to Research Your Genealogy to Create a Family Tree

family tree egg basketiconThe experience of researching your families genealogy can be quite enjoyable and satisfying. If the thought of research gives you a headache, envision the process as an easter egg hunt and new discovery a big chocolate bunny.

Family tree research is a lot of work but just take it one baby step at a time, then the project won't seem overwhelming.

The Family Tree chart is a useful tool for recording each branch of the family tree.

Print as many of these free family tree charts as you need and make one for each family group you are researching. Ultimately you could bind these charts into book form like a photo album for easy reading or just file in alphabetical or date order.

How to Track Your Family Tree

Here is a process that may help you arrange a workable plan:

  • Free Family tree charts for children to print and color.
  • Print several copies of the tree chart
  • Use the Family Tree chart and make a mini-tree for each relative that you know
  • Contact family members, particularly the elders and collect names of all of their relatives, and make mini trees for each of them as well
  • Add to the each name their birth and death dates and locations
  • Use the Internet to search for more family members:
  • Many common names such as Smith or Jones may or may not be related
  • Many names can have different spellings Smith, Smyth, Kelly, Kelley, Kallie, so be prepared for a spelling adventure!

Above all - have fun!