Kirigami Zoo and Barnyard Animals

spider folding craft

Paper Animals and  Baskets

Kirigami is folding and cutting a piece of paper to get a snowflake (or other shape). Origami is folding a piece of paper to make a shape.

The word Kirigami is Japanese; Kiru means "to cut" and gami means "paper.". The word Origami is Japanese; oru means "to fold", and gami means "paper."

Get back to the basics in education of paper folding.  Children can learn basic math principles which have been used for thousands of years to create a 3-D animal farm or menageris.


Ordinary sheets of paper can be folded and cut into ships, animals, and flowers. Great, educational fun for children. All you need to get started is a pair of scissors, a piece of paper, a Scissor Craft pattern, a few quick folds, and voilà you've got an envelope, a basket or an elephant!

Paper Zoo Animals and Candy Baskets

Many of these folding baskets and animals are based upon crafts from an old 1914 Child Craft publication.