Warm-Hearted Friendly Pumpkins

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Friendly Looking Devils and Demons Carving Templates

with a wink and a nodDon't be beguiled by friendly faces. There could be a whole bunch of sheer bold-faced huckster hiding behind these haunted smiles. Are these ghastly ghoul good or bad? Take your chances this Halloween night by carving these Jack O' Lantern vessels to welcome a visiting spirit on the night of the living dead.

Maybe you'll get lucky and truly friendly spirits will dwell in the candlelight of your fright night festival, and then again, maybe pigs really can fly. Watch out because these out crying, panhandling, product pushers can pitch warts to witches, dentures to Count Dracula and vanishing cream to ghosts.

Ever smiling, always friendly, these demonic hell raisers constantly plot ways to get their money out of your pockets, so beware the friendly stranger who wants to diagnoses your problem then offer himself as the solution.