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Party and Clown Hat Printables for Craft and Hobby Projects

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rippled cone pointed clown hat1200Clown Hats and Party Caps

One of my all-time favorite movies was Danny Kaye's Court Jester. A jester, otherwise known as a clown or a fool, was a person employed in medieval times to entertain a ruler or king. Jesters were thought to have worn brightly colored clothes and funny multi-patterned hats made by sewing colorful rags together to enhance the comedic value of the performer. Jesters would perform varieties of entertainment including singing or playing music, juggling, clowning, and telling jokes and riddles. Jesters skilled in the art of humor, who could mock and joke without causing offense, were valuable assets to the courts they served.

These clown hats and party favor style caps will bring any party celebration to life. Turn the kids loose with crayons or markers to decorate the place for the festivities.

Party and Clown Hat Images