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About Scissor Crafts ®

If you seek activities that will educate and entertain children for life, look no farther, your search is over. Scissorcraft has thousands of personally illustrated snowflake and valentine patterns and templates suitable for virtually any craft project. You'll enjoy a large collection of African tribal color book masks along with masks for mardi Gras carnivals and many cultural colorbook themes such as Kabuki, Theater laugh and Cry and tons of just plain silly stuff.

I believe true creativity come from the heart and is enhanced with actual hands on experience. Virtually every time the grandchildren visit we spend time together deciding which scissorcraft images to print and color. When we go to restaurants, we take the printouts along with our crayons and markers. We spend much quality time cutting, coloring, stapling, pasting, folding...you name it.

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Virtually every graphic in the Scissorcraft family of web sites is illustrated by the author of Scissorcraft and available in simple, easy to understand, black and white format. I believe all children, regardless of age, skill level, or ability, should have access to creative outlets while they gain exposure to the basic principles of mathematics, history and culture. To this end I have researched many subjects and illustrated quite a few interesting topics to give visitors a wide range of images from which to choose.

Current Scissor Crafts

Established March 31, 2003, Scissorcrafts® is a personally illustrated collection of child craft web sites for teachers, parents and care givers as well as educational and non-profit organizations. Each image is presented in several different formats so that any child, regardless of skill level (or age) can enjoy the experience of creating.

All images are registered with the US Copyright office, for personal, educational or non-profit use - all commercial use is expressly denied. One person is responsible for all image illustration, web maintenance, care and upkeep for all Scissorcrafts® web sites.

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I do love to hear from visitors. If there is something you would like to see on Scissorcraft please let me know. Topic or theme suggestions are appreciated.

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