Whimsically Decorated Mittens

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Mitten 3 applesFunny faces, flowers and other whimsical decorations in these fun mitten designs will keep children busy for a while.

Holiday Mitten Ornament Images

The word "mitten" comes from the Middle English word "miteyn." Archeologists believe mittens originated in Latvia around 1000AD.

Mittens are hand coverings which fit over the hands and wrists to provide warmth and protection. Mittens are just the best invention ever for keeping hands warm in cold weather temperatures. Mittens generally have two sections, with a large section to fit four fingers and another smaller section for the thumb.

Scratch mittens (or mitts) only have one section for the entire hand. Scratch mitts are usually used with babies to prevent them from scratching themselves. Mittens for young children are sometimes connected together with a length of yarn or cord that is threaded through coat sleves to prevent children (usually) from losing their mittens.

Decorated for Holidays