Ludicrous, Whimisical, Twisted and Demented

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Goofy Silly Face

goofy silly ghoulPrint these Halloween loony, laughable and lame brained pumpkin silly carving stencil patterns and trace the design into the flesh of your pumpkin or gourd with a poker or the point of a toothpick or pencil.

Brighten your fright night festivities with silly color book pumpkin carving template to help illuminate the pathway to your haunted house where hungry little costumed ghouls and goblins gather to feast on candy and treats.

These silly pumpkin stencil printable are perfect for children to carve into gourds, pumpkins or melons to scare away unwelcome ghosts, witches, werewolves, bats, black cats, devilish goblins and other night of the living dead walking ghouls on All Hallow's Eve. Create trick or treat hanging ornaments for the Halloween party and to decorate and set the theme for fall season holiday celebrations and events. Print on thin to regular weight paper for tracing onto pumpkin and gourd flesh, use card stock for masks and hanging ornaments.